Preparing for the Lagos Scala Meetup Coding Dojos



For those who are new to Scala, and will be joining us at any of our Lagos Scala Meetup events, here is a quick guide on setting up your laptop with Scala for our coding dojos:

  1. Install the Java JDK 
  2.  Install Scala 
  3. Install SBT for Windows , Linux  and Mac
  4.  Install IntelliJ (Or whichever Scala IDE you prefer). You can install the free IntelliJ Community Edition.
  5.  Install the IntelliJ Scala plugin. Here is how to install IntelliJ plugins .

And you are good to go!

Alternatively, you can also follow this handy setup guide prepared by Ikenna Ogbaije.

One last thing you may want to install (and this is really not essential), is the Ammonite REPL – an improved Scala Read Evaluate Print Loop.