On being a Christian



I really do believe in the power of Christ to change people’s lives, because he changed mine. I have come to know Christ’s forgiveness and I live life completely guilt free. I know that I stand before God righteous, not because of any good that I have done, but because of what Christ did for me. I have come to know God as my Father, one who I really do feel a genuine relationship with – someone who I can talk with at any time, and he hears me. I feel loved by God. And I have a quiet confidence in my heart, that I will spend eternity with Jesus. This hope helps me through the toughest times.

I cannot but tell people about Jesus, because he changed my life. If Jesus didn’t save me I know I would be a very different person today. I’ve come to know that Christianity really is not a set of concepts, a set of ancient stories, or a set of religious beliefs to adhere too. It’s about experientially and intimately knowing Jesus – the messiah, God’s son who walked the earth about 2000 years ago, but is still alive today changing lives like mine.

If you would like Jesus to change your life like he changed mine, I invite you to say this simple prayer.